99 Crimes release lyric video for new song “Rumor”

99 Crimes release lyric video for new song “Rumor”

99 Crimes consisting of Dangerous Toys and ex-Dirty Looks guitarist Paul Lidel (on lead vocals and guitar), Jeff Lynn on bass (and lead vocals on one song), and Chris Jordan on drums have released a lyric video for their new song “Rumor” from their upcoming debut full-length self-titled album, which will be released via Perris Records on April 5, 2019.

Lidel was recently interviewed by Sleaze Roxx and indicated as follows about how long it took to make 99 Crimes‘ debut full-length album as he stated: “We spent a total of nine days making the album. We had been playing almost all of the songs live so we had them together pretty well by the time we got in the studio. One of the songs however, was written at the last minute, and although we had not yet played it live, we decided it needed to be on there. That song is called “Move Like That.” We’ve been playing it live and it goes over really well, so I think we made the right call.”

In terms of why 99 Crimes decided to include the five songs from their debut self-titled EP released back in early 2018 on their upcoming debut full-length self-titled album, Lidel advised: “Our label, Perris Records, said that they could do more with a full-length album as opposed to our EP. Since only a couple hundred copies of the EP were made, our label suggested that we record six more songs, add the songs that we had already recorded, and release it as our full-length debut album.”

You can order 99 Crimes‘ debut full-length self-titled album directly from Perris Records.

99 Crimes‘ “Rumor” lyric video:

99 Crimes “Rumor” lyric video

99 Crimes “Rumor” lyric video. From the self titled debut album available on Perris Records. ( PerrisRecords.com ) Video edited by Josh Smith. Thanks to Dav…