99 Crimes release lyric video for track “Devil In Your Dreams”

99 Crimes release lyric video for track “Devil In Your Dreams”

99 Crimes consisting of guitarist / lead vocalist Paul Lidel (Dangerous Toys, ex-Dirty Looks), bassist Jeff Lynn and drummer Chris Jordan have released a lyric video for their song “Devil In Your Dreams” from their debut self-titled full-length album.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of 99 Crimes‘ debut full-length album, which was released via Perris Records last month:

“After releasing a five-song self-titled EP, 99 Crimes are back with their self-titled debut album (I know, a little confusing with the EP and full-length album having the same name) that contains eleven songs including the five from the debut EP. 99 Crimes offer more of the same on their debut full-length album when it’s compared to their debut EP. That is, you are getting some quality, old school, no frills rock n’ roll with a singer that has voice with a real retro ’70s feel to it. In other words, there is not one bad track on 99 Crimes‘ debut full-length album as the new songs that weren’t featured on the EP fit right in with the five others while providing a few differences as well. I have always been a sucker for a high pitched voice (some of my favourite lead vocalists are Helloween‘s Michael Kiske and Triumph‘s Rik Emmett) and Paul Lidel‘s singing is in that vain. I really can’t get enough of his lead vocals and love the ’70s retro vibe that I feel whenever I hear him singing.

New track “Devil In Your Dreams” kicks off 99 Crimes‘ debut full-length album and is really a showcase for what the band has to offer. Lidel‘s high pitched vocals? Check. Some great background vocals from bassist Jeff Lynn? Check. Some simple yet effective guitar riffs? Check. A thundering and tight rhythm section from Lynn and drummer Chris Jordan? Check. Lots of melody in the song while sounding pretty heavy? Check. “Devil In Your Dreams” is a fun song that has some swagger with Lidel‘s vocals during the verses.”

99 Crimes‘ debut self-titled album can be purchased directly from Perris Records‘ website.

99 Crimes‘ “Devil In Your Dreams” lyric video:

Devil In Your Dreams

99 Crimes “Devil In Your Dreams” lyric video from 99 Crimes self titled album available on Perris Records http://perrisrecords.com/new_releases/99_crimes___9…