99 Crimes unleash lyric video for new single “Wolf Blood Moon”

99 Crimes unleash lyric video for new single “Wolf Blood Moon”

99 Crimes consisting of guitarist / lead vocalist Paul Lidel (Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks), bassist Jeff Lynn and drummer Chris Jordan have released a lyric video for their new single “Wolf Blood Moon.” The lyric video was edited by Joshua Smith. The live footage for the video is from Doug Immell and Devon Kessler.

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in mid-December 2019, Lidel stated as follows about 99 Crimes‘ new upcoming material:

“I’m VERY excited about the new 99 Crimes songs! We’ve been a band for over 3 years now and I feel like we’re really starting to find our sound. We have several songs that could have easily made it onto the first album, and we have been getting great reaction at the live shows for the bran new songs. We have live videos for some of them on our facebook page. Titles of some the new songs include “Chasing The Dragon”, “Wolf Blood Moon” and “Contact High” We’ll be going back in the studio in January to record some of the new songs.”

In terms of the reception that 99 Crimes received for their debut self-titled full-length album, Lidel indicated:

“I was very pleased! I am really proud of 99 Crimes’ debut album, but until an album comes out, especially with a new band, you never really know how it will be received. So I was really happy that people liked how it was straight up rock and roll, with some catchy melodies. One of the reviews said “An album that will probably satisfy to the fullest fans of Dangerous ToysVan HalenAerosmith, and Dirty Looks.” I couldn’t ask for much more than that! Our label, Perris Records, was also very happy with the success of the debut album. The video for “Coming Down Like Rain” has done very well on YouTube. We also have lyric videos (edited by Josh of Hair Band Heaven) for the songs “Devil In Your Dreams” and “Rumor.” “Rumor” was also featured on the compilation album ‘Hollywood Hairspray Vol. 8, which is available at Perris Records. In addition to the 99 Crimes debut album being available at Perris Records, people can also check it out on Spotify. After we record some of the new songs, we plan to make another video. We also plan to expand our touring radius this year to include the east coast, as word of the band is really getting around there.”

99 Crimes‘ “Wolf Blood Moon” lyric video:

99 Crimes – Wolf Blood Moon (Official Lyric Video)

99 CRIMES is an original rock band based out of Austin, TX featuring Paul Lidel ( Lead Vocals & Guitars), Chris Jordan ( Drums ), and Jeff Lynn ( Bass Guitar…