Sleaze rock is the bastard child of heavy metal, as the term defines a musical genre that has almost as much to do with attitude as songs. The music itself is rebellious, aggressive and downright nasty. The PMRC hated it, as did your parents. Whether it was Zodiac Mindwarp claiming to be the “Tattooed Beat Messiah,” Spread Eagle getting “Back On The Bitch,” L.A. Guns wanting some “Sex Action,” or Rhino Bucket begging fans to “Ride The Rhino,” the attitude remained the same as they gave the general public the middle finger.

Often sleaze bands came across better live then in a studio that tried to harness their aggression. They were at the top of their game when touring on the road, abusing drugs and alcohol and having sex with your daughters or wives. The look and attitude also separated them from other bands. Long hair that looks like it’s been washed with used motorcycle oil, black leather jackets and tight pants, and tattoos proudly displayed from head to toe are all trademarks of a true sleaze band. They truly were the outlaws of rock ‘n’ roll.

As you can see, this site encompasses more than just sleaze. Similar underrated genres such as glam metal, album oriented rock, hair metal (and other silly terms such as mullet and cock rock), southern rock, heavy metal and simple hard rock are appreciated here. So sit back and discover some new groups, or just reminisce about your old 80’s hard rock favorites.