Accept Fan Accidentally Hacks Into Twitter

Accept Fan Accidentally Hacks Into Twitter

May 11, 2010

Lauren Actkinson-Carlton of reports: A fan of the German heavy metal band Accept stumbled upon a very simple hack into Twitter’s powerful networking system yesterday. When he sent the simple tweet “Accept pwnz” as a way to share his love of the band.

He noticed that as soon as he sent the tweet he obtained a new follower with the username ‘pwnz.’

Apparently this obvious hack tickled the tweeter and he began adding followers and then blogged about it.

The hack was discovered by the metal fan and he shared the news with tech superblog Gizmodo and the site even shared how to use the hack.

The bug, while it was only recently discovered, has likely been around for awhile. Lucky for the folks at Twitter it didn’t go too far before the tech wizards were able to remove the hack.

Twitter is working to fix the hack but thousands of accounts have already been compromised. The quick solution was to set all of the accounts’ followers count to zero (although that in itself caused quite a frenzy). While this was a relatively minor account hack it could have been worse.

The fear of being forced to unknowingly follow someone may be just the beginning. What if accounts get hacked into and our private information becomes public?

Hopefully Twitter is working to make sure this never happens. Otherwise it will owe a gazillion people an apology.

Accept will also be the support of AC/DC in Stuttgart and Hannover (both Germany). Check out the brand new dates:

25th May – Messe Halle, Hannover, Germany (support of AC/DC)
12th June – Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
13th June – Cannstatter Wasen, Stuttgart, Germany (support of AC/DC)

Also check out Accept’s brand new video for their single “Teutonic Terror” below.


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