Accept Guitarist Says Reunion “Happened In Minutes”


May 18, 2009

The legendary Heavy Metal band Accept from Germany is reforming with new lead singer Mark Tornillo (of T.T. Quick) to hit the road later this year and 2010. A new studio album is also in the works.

“It all happened in minutes,” says lead guitarist Wolf Hoffmann, “Peter and I were working on some tunes in a studio in New Jersey. Somebody suggested we give this guy Mark a call to see if he would join us on vocals. So when he arrived we started jamming on some old Accept tunes – just for fun. As soon as Mark started singing we looked at each other and realized the impossible just happened: we found a new voice for Accept! The timing could not have been better! Now or never…We are re-energized and excited…” Hoffmann continues.

“I want to point out,” says Gaby Hoffmann, the long time Accept manager, “that Udo Dirkschneider has always been our first choice and was asked again to join us for touring and recording. However, after a career of more than 20 years with his own band UDO, we understand and respect his decision to focus on his own project and hope that all his fans continue to support UDO as they have until today! More music is better for the fans, there is room for Accept as well as UDO. We wish Udo all the best and thank him for his continued inspiration NOT to give up Accept and for reviving out Metal Hearts!”

“We can’t wait to go out and play again,” says Peter Baltes, bass, “just because Udo isn’t available doesn’t mean we’ll have to sit idle any longer. We feel Mark is the perfect fit. Mark is an experienced veteran singer who is aware of the Accept legacy and his voice fits the sound of ACCEPT perfectly. We can’t wait to hear him on new material. Wolf and I have already begun the process of writing songs for a new studio album. He and I have always been a great song writing team, most of the classic Accept tunes were written that way — together with Deaffy, aka Gaby Hoffmann, as a lyricist.”

Accept are planning to hit the road in late 2009 and 2010 with a new album release scheduled for 2009.

Check out the audio clips of the jam session at

They were recorded ‘live’ as a rough ‘one take session’ in the Shorefire studios in New Jersey on 4/26/09

The official lineup of Accept is:
Mark Tornillo – vocals
Wolf Hoffmann – guitar
Peter Baltes – bass
Herman Frank – guitar
Stefan Schwarzmann – drums

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