Accept Guitarist Working On Second Solo Album

Accept Guitarist Working On Second Solo Album

February 3, 2012

Accept Guitarist Working On Second Solo AlbumAccept guitarist Herman Frank is almost finished his second solo album, the follow-up record to the highly successful debut from 2009, ‘Loyal To None’.

Herman started working in the studio on ‘Kings Call’ in December 2011. This new record will include 12 or 13 songs in his typical melodic and heavy metal style and a big focus onto massive guitar riffs. ‘Kings Call’ will be the first Herman Frank album to feature singer Rick Altzi (At Vance) on vocals. The album will be released through Metal Heaven Records upon its completion.

Franks’ band Accept are also working on a new album, the follow-up to their successful 2010 album ‘Blood Of The Nations’. Inspired by their fans’ awe-inspiring reaction to their explosive live shows as well as the grandiose success of the comeback album, the band — consisting of Wolf Hoffman (guitar), Herman Frank (guitar), Peter Baltes (bass), Stefan Schwarzmann (drums) and Mark Tornillo (vocals) — are jumping right back into the studio to record another collection of heavy metal classics. To be called ‘Stalingrad’, the new Accept album is scheduled to be released via Nuclear Blast Records in the spring of 2012. It will once again be produced by English star producer Andy Sneap who has long become a part of the Accept family.

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