Accept release video for “Shadow Soldiers” from ‘Symphonic Terror – Live In Wacken 2017’

Accept release video for “Shadow Soldiers” from ‘Symphonic Terror – Live In Wacken 2017’

German heavy metal veterans Accept have released a video for their song “Shadow Soldiers” from ‘Symphonic Terror – Live In Wacken 2017.’ The track first appeared on the band’s studio album Stalingrad, which was released back in 2012. The video was released just a few days before long-time bassist Peter Baltes announced his departure from the group.

In a recent interview with Andrew Catania for All That Shreds, Accept founder and guitarist Wolf Hoffmann advised how the orchestra that the band had at Wacken 2017 came about: That’s been one of my long-term dreams.  When I recorded my solo album with the orchestra, and I thought, it would be fun to bring the same orchestra on stage somewhere one day. Then the Wacken people invited me to play there, and one thing led to another, and before we know it, Accept is involved, and they were going to play some new songs.  Once Accept was confirmed that the orchestra was already there, then the next logical step was, well why don’t Accept play some songs with the orchestra as well as your solo material. That’s what happened. It took a lot of preparation,  planning and it was a logistical nightmare. In the end, we pulled it off, and it worked out beautifully. We want to do more shows like that now that we’ve got a taste of and see how much fun it is.”

In terms of whether Accept had the opportunity to rehearse with the orchestra, Hoffmann indicated: “You have to hire them per day so that we couldn’t rehearse with them for a week.  What ends up happening is we get together for one day and go through the score and play everything once and then you’ll be on stage and do it live. There’s not a lot of safety.  You go onstage cold and hope for the best.”

Accept‘s “Shadow Soldiers” video:


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Accept‘s “Symphony No. 40” video:


Taken from Symphonic Terror – Live In Wacken 2017: SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST: / SUBSCRIBE to …