Accept’s ‘Blood Of The Nations’ Debuts At #4 On German Charts

Accept’s ‘Blood Of The Nations’ Debuts At #4 On German Charts

September 1, 2010

German metal legends ACCEPT’s latest release Blood Of The Nations made a sensational chart debut at Number 4 in the official German Media Control Charts this week. Released on August 20th, Blood Of The Nations marks the band’s highest chart debut in their entire career!

This incredible success story has been in the cards for weeks! The internet has been buzzing for months about the imminent comeback of these legendary hard rock warriors: Wolf Hoffmann (guitars), Peter Baltes (bass), mark Tornillo (Vocals), Hermann Frank (Guitars) and Stefan Schwarzmann (drums). The discussions were so frequent and passionate that an ACCEPT fan single handedly brought down the social networking site Twitter after sharing his excitement about the band’s return to the metal forefront.

ACCEPT even took the live stage with complete confidence and poise. The band spent the 12 weeks from May to August 2010 performing in front of an inconceivable 450,000 fans, not only as headliners, but also at the Hard Rock Festival in Gelsenkirchen, the Master of Rock in the Czech Republic and the prestigious Sonisphere Festival in Turkey and Rumania. Finally, ACCEPT were invited to be the special guest at the AC/DC shows in Hannover and Stuttgart.

“We truly fell of our chairs when we heard the news,” so states guitarist Wolf Hoffmann. “Of course everyone dreams about topping the charts, but that wasn’t our main motivation. We simply jumped into this head first with our new singer Mark. We came out scorching on the other end… But this success is also credit to the fantastic teamwork with have with our record label Nuclear Blast and with Deville Schober from Brainstorm Music Marketing. In addition, there are many people out there who have embraced ACCEPT and have worked hard and long with us on this new journey. Most of all, we are so grateful to all of our fans worldwide without whom this never would have happened. Thank you!”

The album Blood Of The Nations was recorded in the winter of 2009 at Backstage Studios in England and produced by famed British producer Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Exodus, Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Masterplan). The album features everything a true metal album by a big heavy metal act should: Commanding riffs, muscular guitar solos, and extraordinary melodies — all executed with the classic ACCEPT groove.

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