AC/DC Are Back In Black Ice


July 2, 2008

We will know next week what the title of the new AC/DC album will be but ‘Black Ice’ looks like a front-runner at the moment.

AC/DC have three titles being considered for the album, another one being ‘Runaway Train’, Albert Music’s Danny Keenan confirms for Undercover News.

Keenan says that we should know in the next week what the band would officially decide on. Albert Music CEO Tim Prescott will head to New York for meetings over the AC/DC release next week.

Danny Keenan says he has heard half the album but did not hear a song called ‘Black Ice’. If it is being used as a title track then it may have been one of the later tracks recorded for the album.

‘Black Ice/Runaway Train/insert third title here’ will be the 15th studio album from AC/DC and their first since ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ in 2008.

The album was recorded in Canada at Bryan Adams studio with Brendan O’Brien.

Sony BMG says the album will be released this year. Keenan suggests we may hear the album as soon as October.

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