AC/DC Black Ice Vinyl Goes Exclusive To Indies


October 2, 2008

`The Battle of Black Ice` is over. Stores across America have reached a happy compromise over the exclusive situation with Wal-Mart. Independents outlets will now have the exclusive vinyl release of the new AC/DC album and the `Rock and Roll Train` single.

`Black Ice` is without a doubt the most eagerly awaited album on 2008 and who gets what has certainly been a hot topic.

Earlier this year, a deal was struck with Wal-Mart for the exclusive release of the album in the United States. Independent stores rallied to dilute the impact with the threat of flooding the market with cheaper, imported goods from South America.

Now a compromise has been reached giving the 700 Indie stores across America the exclusive vinyl release of the album as well as a 7″ vinyl release of the single ‘Rock and Roll Train’ backed with ‘War Machine’.

While America has lost many of the major chains such as Tower, HMV and Virgin in the last couple of years, the owner/operated Indie stores have been thriving because of their product knowledge, customer service and diverse range.

The impact and value of the Indie store was felt nationwide this year when, for the first time, the stores combined for Record Store Day, an event held last April that drew national attention.

AC/DC’s ‘Black Ice’ will be released in the USA on October 20 and in Australia on October 18.

The Black Ice world tour will kick off in Wilkes-Barre, PA on October 28.

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