AC/DC Causes Heart Attacks And Births

AC/DC Causes Heart Attacks And Births

February 15, 2010

AC/DC Causes Heart Attacks And BirthsAC/DC’s show in Melbourne Australia caused one man’s heart to stop and a female fan to go into labour. reports: A man has been rushed to hospital after his heart stopped during the final AC/DC concert in Melbourne last night.

St John Ambulance first aid volunteers at the concert attended to the 56-year-old man, who was complaining of severe chest pains.

Ambulance Victoria intensive care paramedics working at the concert arrived shortly before the man collapsed, paramedic Rohan Miniken said.

“While paramedics were assessing the man, he suffered a cardiac arrest, which means his heart stopped beating effectively,” he said in a statement.

“”A defibrillator was used to deliver a small electric charge to the man’s heart to shock it back into a normal rhythm.

“The man was also given some drugs to control his pain, and fluid to stabilise his blood pressure.”

The man was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious condition.

Meanwhile, posted the following story: Midway through AC/DC’s song Thunderstruck at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium on Saturday night, first-time mum-to-be Samantha Williamson from Drouin was hit with a contraction.

But Ms Williamson was determined to hang on until the end of the gig.

“Not even the baby was going to stop me seeing AC/DC,” she said.

“I love them to death and I wasn’t going to miss their performance for anything.”

Her partner, Jason Mitchell, said the contractions began at 8pm and continued to get worse until the end of the concert about 11pm.

“But they got really bad half way through the show when they were singing Thunderstruck and Hells Bells,” he said.

“I asked Samantha if she was still OK and she was bleary eyed and said `Jason is this really happening’. I assured her it was.”

The pair hurried out of Etihad Stadium, pushed through the crowd and got to their car about 11.30pm.

“We drove from the stadium straight to the Gippsland Hospital in Warrigal – express all the way,” Ms Williamson said.

After an anxious wait Jack Angus Jason arrived in the world at 10.30am yesterday.

Mother and baby are doing well and the the proud parents agree on one thing: Angus will figure in the baby’s official name.

What they’re not sure about is the order of the names.

Mr Mitchell prefers prefers Jack Jason Angus but Ms Williamson says Jack Angus Jason is more meaningful given the events surrounding his birth.

Both will recall the concert for the rest of their lives.

“It was so excellent. Good concert. And we’ll remember Angus Young going crazy on stage while baby Angus was putting in quite a performance off stage,” Ms Williamson said.

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