AC/DC Could Wipe Out Bird Species


December 26, 2009

AC/DC Could Wipe Out Bird SpeciesPaul Cashmere of reports: It would appear the future of the very existence of a rare bird known as The Curlew could rest on a gig by AC/DC, if we can believe animal activists.

Animal rights groups in Austria are trying to have the planned AC/DC concert in northern Austria in May stopped for the good of the rare bird.

The Curlew is considered an endangered species found in just a few places including the town of Wels where the concert has been scheduled.

The animal rights group claims the birds nesting ground could be threatened by the loud music and are threatening to take legal action if the show proceeds.

Already 80,000 tickets have been sold.

AC/DC also came under threat from a much uglier but not so rare species of animal in the lead-up to their Australian tour. The aggressive animal known as the Footballer tried to have the AC/DC concerts at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium stopped claiming that the Stadium was one of their main breeding grounds.

Luckily, the animal, known for its over indulgence in alcohol and sometimes seen standing in its underwear at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, will allow the AC/DC shows to go ahead at the venue and will restrict its breeding habits to the weekends either side of the AC/DC midweek shows.

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