AC/DC Fans Blow Up YouTube

AC/DC Fans Blow Up YouTube:

February 14, 2008

If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you’d know that legions of rockers have been uploading AC/DC videos to YouTube as part of our ACDCBlowUpYourVideo call to arms.

With nearly 250 videos already added, and more being uploaded daily, there’s plenty to rest your dirty eyes on. We’ve collected some of our favorites HERE, along with the video that kicked it all off — a reel of photos AC/DC sent us from their personal stash set to one of the most electrifying riffs of all time.

We’re up to our neck in videos of fans rocking their hearts out to Back In Black, rock ‘n’ singers hitting the stage and taking no prisoners, brave souls donning Angus’ uniform, guitar demigods educating fellow fans on guitar licks, AC/DC archivists touring their vaults with camcorder in hand and even a kid who duck walks through ancient ruins.

And there’s more to come! So stick around and be sure to check these out:

Thunderstruck680 salutes Angus Young with a wicked duck walk among the ancient columns of Pompeii.

bonfireNY rocks out with AC/DC cover band, Live Wire, as they tear up the stage with a cover of Back In Black so good they almost sound like the real deal. (They look it too thanks to their spot-on costumes).

acdsherocks posts an explosive cover of T.N.T. from the all gal AC/DC tribute band, AC/DShe. Women to the left and right indeed.

TarikAjr rocks out to Back In Black before showing off his collection of AC/DC wares. This kid wears nothing but AC/DC gear, seriously. We’re talking underwear and all. We’re in such awe, we had to put his photo on the homepage.

andorarock takes it a step further. His collection is so big it required a TRILOGY of videos to showcase it all. We just want to know where can we get one of those reversible jean jacket vests?!!?!

SoloDallas absolutely tears-up Angus’ guitar part on Thunderstruck. By the expression on his face at the 1:27 minute mark, he may have torn-up his fingers as well. Priceless. SoloDallas, we salute you!

KWRTZK went the other route and and played air DRUMS along to Thunderstruck. We’re impressed.

And, if svetbrat has anything to say about it, we’ll be watching AC/DC fan videos on YouTube for ages as he brings along his nephew, Nico, to jam on Highway To Hell. We imagine you’ll be able to catch Nico rocking out in your local bar in about 15 years from the looks of it.

You can catch all of the above videos and many more on or on our YouTube Channel.

When you’ve had your fill of watching others, get in on the action yourself! It’s easy. Here’s how:
1. After you’ve taped your bit, head over to YouTube.
2. If you have a YouTube account, log-in. If not, create one. It’s easy as child’s play and it won’t cost you a cent.
3. Once you’re in, upload your video following the easy video upload instructions.
4. Be sure to tag your video with the following phrase or we won’t be able to feature your video: ACDCBlowUpYourVideo
5. Now you’re done! We’ll take it from here.*

*If your video is selected, please note that it may take a few days for it to appear.

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