AC/DC Fans Join the “Rock ‘N’ Roll Caravan”


October 17, 2008

AC/DC fans across the U.S. have been showing their intense love and devotion for the band in advance of AC/DC’s first release in eight years, Black Ice, available to the public on October 20. Fans were engaged to show how creative they could be with the famed AC/DC logo and how well they could place it in the public eye through the “Show Us Your AC/DC” contest, showcase their love for guitarist Angus Young by dressing in his iconic school-boy costume and posting the photo on their Myspace page in the “Dress Like Angus” contest, or thematically deck out their car in AC/DC style for the “Rock Out Your Car” contest. All competitions were posted on and collectively received thousands of entries. The winners of each contest received tickets to a private AC/DC show which will be held prior to the kickoff of their world tour on October 26 at an undisclosed location.

Check out “Show Us Your AC/DC” entries below:
AC/DC Fans Join the Rock N Roll Caravan

Additionally, select fans will travel to the AC/DC private show on October 26 as part of the “Rock ‘N’ Roll Caravan”, leaving from points all over America and arriving at the secret performance space to take part in a massive AC/DC fan gathering, complete with music, mayhem and potato-sack races. Their adventures and antics will be recorded on, through live blog postings, Twittering, photos and video for the global AC/DC community to share. Fans may submit to take part in the “Rock ‘N’ Roll Caravan” by visiting the site above; five special fans will be chosen to become the subjects of a documentary directed by Saul Levitz showcasing the AC/DC super-fans.

AC/DC’s Black Ice World Tour opens on October 28th at the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA. The worldwide tour – the band’s first since 2001 – promotes Black Ice, AC/DC’s latest studio album. Black Ice will be released on October 20th and sold in the US exclusively at Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and The album is currently available for pre-order at and

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