AC/DC Wal-Mart Deal Gets Thunderstruck


October 1, 2008

The AC/DC Wal-Mart exclusive is about to be thunderstruck as US stores prepare to bring in stock of ‘Black Ice’ from outside the USA.

One independent chain told Undercover News that, “we have been able to order Black Ice in from Argentina for $8.25 per unit and will be able to sell it for less than the Wal-Mart price”.

The ease of buying from anywhere in the world makes a farce of the “exclusive deal”.

By forcing the real music stores to shop internationally for their stock, SonyBMG America will be the loser in the deal.

“We can buy from anywhere,” the store source said. “With technology and international accounts, if a major like SonyBMG America decides they don’t want to do business with us, we will do business with other territories. Why should we allow them to disadvantage our businesses and piss off our customers”.

The value of the US dollar right now has made it simple to do deals internationally and allow stores to shop for the best price.

The AC/DC exclusive deal looks set to fizzle. US shoppers may find the Black Ice album in their local stores but they won’t necessarily be US produced good … and the customers won’t care.

AC/DC’s Black Ice album is due for US release on October 20.

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