AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Wants Anniversary Of Bon Scott’s Death To Be Respectful

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Wants Anniversary Of Bon Scott’s Death To Be Respectful

January 28, 2010

The Rock radio station ( has been privileged with the only New Zealand AC/DC interview while the godfathers of Rock are in the country.

The Rock’s Tracey Donaldson spoke to AC/DC’s animated front man Brian Johnson in a 15 minute interview that covered the bands current tour, their long history together, and the 30th anniversary of the death of former lead singer Bon Scott.

When asked by Donaldson how the band will mark the anniversary this month, Johnson responded, “We’re trying to think of something to do that’s not morbid. We hate it when people try to use the anniversary as a sensation seeking thing, so we want it to be respectful. His two nephews and his brother will be in Perth, and we’ll see his mum. I’m sure the fans will be out in force with Bon paraphernalia and we welcome that because he’s still a part of the band, he’s still a part of us.”

He also touched on the cancer scare that plagued him earlier in the Black Ice Tour and resulted in the cancellation of a few concerts. “I found out I had Barrett’s Syndrome and the next step is cancer of the esophagus, then they have to take the voice box out, which stopped me right in my tracks. I was very lucky we caught it in time. A lot of people think it’s heartburn but I knew there was something really hurting me so I went straight to the top Doctor. I was the most scared I’ve ever been in my life – I didn’t sleep for a week” said Johnson.

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