Ace Frehley open to opening for KISS in 2019 if the cheque is right

Ace Frehley open to opening for KISS in 2019 if the cheque is right

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley took part in a question-answer session at the 2018 Indianapolis KISS Fan Expo, which took place at the Wyndham Indianapolis West Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on May 12 and 13, 2018.

Frehley advised right off the bat that he had bronchitis, which might explain the Spaceman‘s at times odd performance at the M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Maryland, USA on May 5, 2018. When asked how he felt, the guitarist advised (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “I’m pretty tired. I got bronchitis.” When thanked for coming out, Frehley almost screamed, “But I can’t let down the fans! I had to come!”

In terms of lobbying to be the opening act for KISS‘ anticipated world tour in 2019, Frehley stated: “It’s up to Paul [Stanley] and Gene [Simmons]. They’re running the show. I’m open to anything, if the cheque is big enough.”

With respect to when his next studio album will be coming out, the guitarist advised: “[The] new album should be out in a couple of months. It’s gonna be called Spaceman. I was with Gene [Simmons], at one of his “Vault Experiments” [laughs] I said to the audience, ‘What if i call my new album Forty Years Later, because it’s been forty years since my first solo record — 1978,” Ace recalled. “And Gene goes, ‘No. You should call it Spaceman…. So I figured I’d go with it. That’s a nice sound bite. Someone says, ‘How come it’s called Spaceman?’ I go, ‘Gene Simmons wanted me [to call it that].'”

Interview with Ace Frehley at 2018 Indianapolis KISS Fan Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA:

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