Adam Bomb looking for new bandmates

Adam Bomb looking for new bandmates

The seemingly constantly touring rocker Adam Bomb is looking for some new bandmates in a rather urgent way as he has two gigs lined up in Lithuania on May 10, 2019 and in Latvia on May 12, 2019.

The following message was posted on Adam Bomb‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“So I’m here in Warsaw looking for a new band that’s willing to go the distance. I’m tired of fucking around with lame ass pussy posers that can’t handle the road. I’m on my way to play Wacken 2020 and I’ll do a couple hundred gigs before that. I’m looking for a couple of guys that want to fuck the world with me. This is a serious proposal, and I’m looking for the right rockers. Hit me up if you’re that guy. If that’s not you, don’t waste my fucking time.”

Adam Bomb added the following comments in his Facebook video below (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “This is Adam Bomb. I am in Warsaw, Poland. I just popped in the nearest rock club I could find see if I can find some guys man that want to go on tour. Start a rock band. I was just on tour in Europe for the month of April. My band fucked off home. Kind of bailed on me. I have three gigs staring this weekend in Lithuania and Latvia, and I’m looking for the fuckin’ cool rock band that’s willing to go the distance. You know, I am tired of fuckin’ around with fuckin’ lay musicians, fuckin’ rug monkeys, fuckin’ assholes. So if you want to fuckin’ rock, and you fuckin’ play drums or bass, and you fuckin’ want to go on the road, and be in a real fuckin’ rock band, hit me up! Rock like fuck! I am looking for you!”

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