Adam Bomb robbed in Rome, Italy

Adam Bomb robbed in Rome, Italy

Very bad news for guitarist / lead vocalist Adam Bomb as the solo artist was robbed in Rome, Italy while on tour in Europe.

The following message was posted on Adam Bomb‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Robbed in Rome. Fuck! Yes it’s a big problem. They got my wallet. Looks like I’m stuck in Europe forever, and for now with no cash, credit cards, or drivers license. At least we still have our passports and they didn’t steal my gear or any guitars, but I’m pretty much fucked. The stupid reason it happened is we were locked out the parking lot of this house. Anyway, that’s life. Sometimes it really sucks.”

Adam Bomb’s upcoming October tour dates:
Oct 05 – Neuruppin, Germany – Kulturhaus
Oct 10 – Bremen, Germany – Meisenfrei
Oct 11 – Hamburg, Germany – Marias Ballroom
Oct 18 – Neuchatel, Switzerland – Bar King
Oct 19 – Luzern, Switzerland – Bruch Brothers
Oct 31 – Bocholt, Germany – Freudenhaus

Adam Bomb is open to more tour dates as he posted the following message via his Facebook account on September 22nd: “One of the coolest rock bands on the planet is looking for some gigs in October in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Holland, & Belgium. Hook us up!!!”