Adam Bomb thanks his bandmates Leo and Kozzy for last 6 months and hopes to record album with them

Adam Bomb thanks his bandmates Leo and Kozzy for last 6 months and hopes to record album with them

What a difference seven months can make! Back on May 7, 2019, Sleaze Roxx posted an article titled Adam Bomb looking for new bandmates as the singer / guitarist indicated that his band had left him and he needed to recruit some new band members for two gigs with the fist one only three days away. Adam Bomb eventually did find two dependable bandmates in bassist Kozzy Havokk and drummer Leo Cakolli, and the trio has been touring for the last six months throughout Europe.

The following message was posted on Adam Brenner‘s (also known as Adam Bomb) Facebook page earlier today:

“I would like to say thank you to Kozzy and Leo for being the best band in the world to me. Since our first gig without a rehearsal on July 27 in Copenhagen, we’ve been on that never-ending road nonstop. Since Leo joined up with Kozzy and me, it’s given this old man a rock band with an 18-year-old heart. I think it’s even help Kozzy learn how to play the bass properly as he’s a really kickass bass player now. I have worked with some really awesome musicians in my career but all I ever wanted was a cool rock band with guys that were fun to hang out with off stage and that could do a little more than just back me up onstage without stepping all over the guitar, and compliment the show. I got that in spades.

Leo’s drum solo has really developed into something so cool when he controls the crowd like Paul Stanley and I hope one day we get to do it in front of some huge crowds. Kozzy Havokk is the coolest fire-breather I’ve ever seen, he’s fearless and our little execution of Kozzy we do now in the finale Is the coolest schtick that I can remember that I’ve done since Michael Monroe and I used to do fake fights on stage during Same Shit, Different Day.

My show kinda develops in its own, and I really hope we carry on in 2020. I love dreaming about what new tricks we can add to this spectacular rock show, and I think we should record an old school rock album in New York. So, if both of you guys wanna go for it, I’ll take you to the USA for a couple of months in the spring to go into SST Studio where I recorded GA 1 and 2, RLF, and RORHRA, and we could drive across America with the goal of playing the Whiskey in Hollywood. Maybe some of our super fans might even help us raise a little cash to do it.

We still have four shows in three countries in five days right after Xmas so I’m looking forward to that. After that the future is wide-open. So wtf? Kozzy and Léonard? You wanna go to Hollywood in 2020?

Again, thank you both for giving this old dog a new life over the past 6 months. It was way beyond any dream I’ve ever had of going on tour with a real rock band that could make my music into magic.

At the start of 2019, I was with some typical musos that just used me as a steppingstone or for money and were constantly miserable. I tried to form a band with a friend from the UK and it blew up in my face. I started to go into a dark place over a relationship that ended and I was prepared to let it be my demise. The only thing that brought me back to life was this unexpected band with my angel Leo and my devil Kozzy. If it does end for whatever reasons, as most things that are good in my life seem to disappear in the blink of an eye, just know that I love you both very much.

We gave every crowd goose bumps and the three of us made a lot of people very happy. You made me very proud. Have a great holiday with your families. Trust me, that’s a very precious thing to have.

xx Adam