Addiction For Destruction Unveil Debut Music Video

Addiction For Destruction Unveil Debut Music Video

December 4, 2011

Addiction For Destruction, sleaze rockers from Moscow, present their debut video for the single “Feelin’ Fine”.

“We wanted to make a pure rock-n-roll video, without a big budget and a heaped-up storyline. The recipe was simple: kick ass song, plus no-frills image, plus overage of attitude. And we made it”, says the members of Addiction For Destruction about the work done.

Addiction For Destruction is a sleaze/hard rock band from Moscow that was formed by musicians of different local punk and metal bands in June 2010. Influenced by Guns N’ Roses, Backyard Babies and Motley Crue, they made a perfect cocktail using the best rock-n-roll ingredients.

Right after the New Year holidays, in 2011, Addiction For Destruction released a debut demo on their official MySpace page at The three studio songs and one live-recorded track were professionally recorded and mixed by the best alternative sound engineers in Moscow.

The next release from A.F.D. was a single called “Feelin’ Fine” in April 2011. At the moment, the band have over 20 self-written kick-ass songs and extensive gig experience on different kinds of stages, ranging from small clubs to big open air festivals.

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