Adler’s Appetite In Pre-Production Stage Of New Songs

Adler’s Appetite In Pre-Production Stage Of New Songs

January 20, 2010

Tom Walsh of recently caught up with Adler’s Appetite guitarist Alex Grossi in which he revealed that the band is “in the pre-production stages on a handful of new songs”.

Alex signed his first record deal in 1999 with Atlantic Records while playing in the band Angry Salad and ever since then he has been going strong. He has played with many talented musicians over the years. Some are very well known and some are not well known at all. Alex replaced DJ Ashba in the band Beautiful Creatures which was fronted by Bang Tango front man Joe Leste. He helped to write the songs on the second album, “Deuce” from Beautiful Creatures and you can hear one of those songs “Freedom” on the Sandra Bullock movie “The Proposal”. Alex also played in Quiet Riot for a period of time with the late Kevin DuBrow. Kevin DuBrow was once quoted as saying ” Alex is the most gifted young guitar player I have heard since the first time I heard Randy Rhodes in 1975″. That says a lot.

How did you end up being a part of Adler’s Appetite, and is this line up something that might be permanent?

I met Steven while doing that “Bad Boys” tour in 2004 and we kept in touch. As far as this line-up goes, we have been told by a lot of people that it is the strongest one to date. We are all friends off-stage as well as having great chemistry onstage. Chip and Steven lock in great as a rhythm section and Michael and I work really well together, which is SO important in any two guitar band. Our singer, Rick, is doing a great job too and is very easy to work with. I don’t see any personnel changes any time soon.

How is the studio work for Adler’s Appetite coming along and when could we possibly start hearing the new songs?

We are in the pre-production stages on a handful of new songs. I am not sure when they will be ready to share with the world, but I can tell you that the stuff is really cool and incorporates each members style and influence in a very organic way.

How has it been playing in the studio and on the road with the rest of the guys?

It has been great so far. I don’t think we could have done as many shows as we did in 2009 if it wasn’t as easy as it’s been.

Have you worked with any of them before?

Other than Steven, I have never played with any of the guys until last January, but Michael and I have played with a lot of the same people and have a lot of the same friends. In some cases, we have even replaced each other in various bands!

You obviously have songwriting experience. Are you bringing any of that experience to the studio for the new CD?

Absolutely. A lot of the ideas are being brought in, three-quarters done, so you really need to do your homework before you bring in an idea. If there is one thing I’ve learned about songwriting, it’s to be as prepared as possible, but also be open to change. You should never get married to one idea when collaborating with four other guys.

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