Adrian Vandenberg explains why he resurrected Vandenberg with new singer Ronnie Romero

Adrian Vandenberg explains why he resurrected Vandenberg with new singer Ronnie Romero

Former Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg was recently interviewed by Andrew Catania for All That Shreds. Vandenberg featuring guitarist Adrian Vandenberg and new lead vocalist Ronnie Romero will be releasing a new studio album 2020, which will be available via Mascot Records on May 29, 2020.

Adrian Vandenberg was asked how he chose Romero as the new singer for Vandenberg to which he replied (with slight edits):

“It’s a pretty natural process. I didn’t even audition. Mascot [Records] and my manager have always asked me why don’t I revive Vandenberg. With my previous band Moonkings, I wanted to get back to my blues-rock roots.

About a year ago, I noticed within myself I had to urge to expand again and go louder, harder, and faster. Basically when I was in my early twenties, and I had my blues-folk band Teaser (Adrian VandenbergJos VeldhuizenNico De GooijerNico De GooyerPeter Van Eyk).

I didn’t want to do Moonkings with a different singer and different kinds of music. So it made much more sense to start up Vandenberg 2.0. If I find an incredible singer because otherwise, it would be one of those nostalgic bands

I want to have a dynamic fresh sounding band. I remembered Ronnie because I was blown away by his vocals in Rainbow. I got in touch with him, and he appears to be a huge fan. He said he started singing because David Coverdale and I recorded our live album Starkers In Tokyo and said, that’s the reason why he started singing. He was pleased to hear from me.

We got together, and we had instant chemistry, and we took it from there. The rest of the band I found in Holland.  With Ronnie living in Madrid, Spain, and I thought if I’m going to get international guys from other countries as well, it’s going to be complicated to get to rehearse and tour. I didn’t even have to audition or put the word out.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Adrian Vandenberg at All That Shreds‘ website.

Vandenberg‘s “Burning Heart” 2020 re-recorded version:

Vandenberg – Burning Heart 2020

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