Adrian Vandenberg won’t be reuniting with original / former Vandenberg bandmates

Adrian Vandenberg won’t be reuniting with original / former Vandenberg bandmates

Former Whitesnake and current Vandenberg guitarist Adrian Vandenberg was recently interviewed by ex-Anthrax singer Neil Turbin for Canada’s The Metal Voice.

Back in the ’80s, Vandenberg consisting of Adrian Vandenberg on guitar, Bert Heerink on lead vocals, Dick Kemper on bass and Jos Zoomer on drums released three studio albums — Vandenberg (1982), Heading For A Storm (1983) and Alibi (1985)

When asked if he would ever reunite with Heerink, Adrian Vandenberg stated (as provided by The Metal Voice with slight edits): “I never want to see this guy again because he and the former bass player [Dick Kemper] started six lawsuits against me and they lost them all. They claimed my name, my band name [Vandenberg]. They said they were a part of it and so they wanted to have that name and I said ‘No, no, no.’ I had to defend myself. It was six lawsuits, cost a lot of money and a lot of negative energy. Otherwise, we could have done some reunion shows and we didn’t. It is embarrassing and also because you think you are friends. Then 30 years later, after I was in Whitesnake for 12 years, and toured all over the world and all the stadiums — you name it — they [Bert and Dick] think ‘Oh wait a minute, there’s money to be made’ so they wanted to tour without me like a Vandenberg without Vandenberg so to speak. They had the Illusions they could win so I never need to see those guys again because there was so much lying going on and those lawsuits. It’s sad, yeah it’s not gonna happen.”

You can listen too the interview with Adrian Vandenberg on The Metal Voice below:

Vandenberg’s “Burning Heart” video: