Aerosmith Bassist Recaps Metallica Concert


January 21, 2009

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton has checked in with the group’s official website ( with a Metallica concert recap.

“Saw the mighty Metallica the other night. Before the show we stopped in and shot the sh*t with James and Robert. This was my first time meeting Robert Trujillo He showed me a cool bass that he was going to be playing when they went on. We hung out in the Tuning Room for a little while and it was cool to catch up with James. They have a full blown friggin’ studio set-up in there ! Miked up drums and everything! Holy crap.

What a show. Those guys play so tight and strong. The production was intense. They’re great at the old school technique of having the lights really follow the music rhythmically. It was interesting to watch them work the huge “in the round” stage. They had coffin shaped lighting pods hanging from the ceiling shooting beams of intense light at sharp angles as they ascended and descended. They had some pyro bumps that were really different and they had some laser stuff that looked really cool. It’s not that easy. Lasers have been around for a while. They used them at one point where they made multicolored, razor sharp lines that snaked all over the stage.

Okay there’s the review.

We need to get out on the road so people can write some about us.”

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