Aerosmith Bassist Says Band Is In “Album Mode”


April 18, 2008

Aerosmith bassist Tom hamilton has posted the following at

I thought I’d write and talk about some of the stuff that’s going on these days. We’re really excited about the Guitar Hero thing and have been hammering away at helping it all get ready. I thought making records was complicated!

I’m going to be in a play called Banned in Boston which I do every year around this time. It’s a comedy about how ridiculous modern life can be especially when it comes to politics. Or pretty much anything having to do with reality. They get well known people from Boston to go up onstage and say things that would ruin their careers if they said it anywhere else. Luckily I can ham it up and there are no consequences (except for the suffering of the audience). The best thing about it is that it raises a lot of money for a group called Urban Improv. They go to schools in areas where there’s a lot of danger on the streets and help the kids have strategies for dealing with dicey situations. It’s been going for a long time and has been proven to make a difference.

I’m doing some press to let people know it’s happening. This morning I did an on air interview with WZLX which is Boston’s classic rock station. I think it went pretty well considering I only woke up ten minutes before I was supposed to call. It was 8:10. If way back when we started the band I knew I would have to get up that early I would have gotten a normal job.

Tomorrow I’m going to be doing one for Kiss 108 at 7:15. There’s no telling what kind of stuff will fall out of my mouth into the microphone at that hour.

So anyway, just because we’re off the road doesn’t mean we’re being unproductive.

We’re all in album mode. Everybody has been saving up riffs we can make into Aerosmith songs when we hit the studio. I’m restraining myself about when it will come out. We have some solid song ideas happening and we’re not putting it out until the inspiration drips right out of your speakers.

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