Aerosmith Become Guitar Heroes


February 16, 2008

Veteran rockers Aerosmith have landed their own video game. “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith,” which will be released this summer, covers the band’s entire 35-year history and features 30 Aerosmith songs.

All five band members completed motion-capture sessions so that their pixilated counterparts are as realistic as possible, when fans play at being rock stars.

Guitarist Joe Perry was inspired to create the Aerosmith game when he returned home two years ago to find his son Roman, now 16, playing Guitar Hero with friends.

Perry recalls, “I played it a little bit and said, `This is fantastic. Does it have any Aerosmith songs on it?’ The first game didn’t, and I was hugely upset.”

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is the first one-band version of the hit game, but will feature opening acts and some surprise guests.

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