Aerosmith Flap Lands Cop In Hot Water


After hooking up Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry with licenses to carry guns, the head of the NYPD’s License Division has been reassigned to a desk job in the Intelligence Division because he may have illegally provided the permits.

Inspector Bernard Petrofsky is reportedly under investigation for giving the bandmembers the licenses in exchange for a concert ticket, backstage pass and limo ride to a post-concert party. Police refused to comment on the case, and Petrofsky did not return phone calls.

The controversy stems from an incident in November 2001, when the musicians requested gun carry permits from the NYPD to protect them against stalkers. New York law requires people seeking such permits to appear at police headquarters and explain why they should be granted a license. Applicants who carry large amounts of money, work in hazardous jobs or have been subjected to credible threats are often the most credible candidates.

However, Aerosmith allegedly avoided the standard protocol by having Petrofsky and another officer travel to Madison Square Garden to fingerprint the bandmembers before a concert. Soon after, Tyler and Perry were granted the gun permits.

Jon Wiederhorn courtesy of VH1