Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler’s Addiction Woes Blamed On Girlfriend


May 22, 2008

Aerosmith reps aren’t talking about frontman Steven Tyler’s reported relapse and current rehab attempt, but his hometown paper says some are pointing fingers at the rocker’s hard-partying, much-younger girlfriend, Erin Brady.

Tyler, who has been frank about his early rock’n’roll excesses, checked into La Encinas Hospital in Pasadena Wednesday, the hospital where celebrity addict specialist Drew Pinsky practices, reported.

Tyler, whose longtime wife Teresa left him for a handyman in 2005, started dating Brady soon after. The Boston Herald describes Brady as a “30-something rocker chick and former Clear Channel tour accountant” who “seemed to embrace the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle with a vengeance.” For example: At the Florida Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in December, she tangled with a tribal VIP’s daughter after a night of partying with Tyler. (He reportedly dumped her after the incident, but they got back together.)

The other theory is that Tyler may be addicted to painkillers, not partying. “He’s had throat surgeries, a long bout with hep(atitis) C and two foot surgeries,” one Tyler pal tells the newspaper. “He’s been in a lot of pain. And she’s a party girl. Not a good combination.”

Friends were concerned after Tyler’s performance at Red Sox opening day at Fenway Park in April. During his rendition of “God Bless America,” Tyler “looked like he was going to topple over … He had a wide-foot stance and he was weaving. At one point, he spun around to wave to the crowd and I thought he was going to go down.”

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