Aerosmith To Play Entire Classic Albums On Summer Tour


June 15, 2009

Gary Graff of reports that Aerosmith plans to play more than one album in its entirety on tour this summer.

The Boston rockers performed all of their 1975 classic “Toys in the Attic,” save for the album-closing “You See Me Crying,” during the first two concerts of the trek and issued an official statement to that effect on Monday. But guitarist Joe Perry also told Reuters during the weekend that the group plans to switch in a couple of weeks and play 1976’s “Rocks” in its entirety. He did not say whether the group would stay with “Rocks” or alternate the albums in their set for the duration of the tour — or even work in another of the band’s albums in its entirety.

Perry also said that frontman Steven Tyler found it too difficult to sing “You See Me Crying” right now but is working on it and may add the song in future shows.

Aerosmith comes home on Tuesday to play at the Comcast Center in suburban Boston, when ZZ Top will jump on the bill for the remainder of the trek, which wraps up Sept. 16 in Auburn Hills, Mich.

Perry also predicted an early July return for guitarist Brad Whitford, who sidelined after surgery to relieve internal bleeding after hitting his head while getting out of his Ferrari earlier this month. Perry said the bleeding “built up pressure and gave (Whitford) this whoopin’ headache. He’s not prone to getting migraines, so knew something was wrong. He went right in, they did what they had to do, and now he’s getting better.”

Whitford currently plans to return for the July 7 show in Raleigh, N.C. Bobby Schneck, who’s worked with Green Day and Weezer, is currently filling in.

As previously reported, when Aerosmith hits the road this summer, fans in Rhode Island and New Hampshire will have a new way to win backstage passes, front-row seats and an extra few million dollars to spend on concessions. The group and singer Steven Tyler’s publisher, Primary Wave Music, struck a deal with the gaming technology company GTECH to launch a band-branded series of lottery games based on “Dream On” and other songs from Aerosmith’s catalog.

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