Aerosmith To Play Full Album On Upcoming Tour


May 6, 2009 reports that playing full albums in their entirety has become the latest tour fad, with everyone from Green Day and Bruce Springsteen to Liz Phair and Tortoise treating their fans to classic records in full. Aerosmith has been paying attention, guitarist Joe Perry tells Spinner. “We’ve always wanted to do a show where we played an album all the way from beginning to end,” Perry says. “We play a lot of songs, but to hear an album from top to bottom, it’s a lot of fun. We’ll probably try it this time out.”

With the band yet to enter reharsals, the album getting the full live treatment is to be determined, but Perry says, “Anything from the first album to ‘Pumped’ would probably be fair game.”

Another thing to be determined is whether the band will bust out any new material, including a song with the working title of ‘Big Groove.’ “[It’s] classic Aerosmith rock,” Perry says. “It’ll be interesting to hear how that stands in a big hall.”

Once the tour is done, the band will return to the studio with producer Brendan O’Brien to finish off the new record this fall. “We have all this material,” Perry says, adding there are a few show-stopping ballads in the vein of ‘Dream On’ and ‘Amazing.’

Whatever the band does on the road this summer, they know they’ll have to bring their A-game as they’ll be sharing the stage with ZZ Top. “I think they’ve been around longer than us,” Perry says. “They’re a great live band; that’s the school they came from, just as we did. This tour, for me, is a dream tour.”

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