Aerosmith To Record With Brendan O’Brien


February 18, 2009

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton recently checked in with regarding the band’s upcoming plans.

“The big news is that we had our first meeting and strategy session with our producer Brendan O’Brien. We’ve been wanting to work with him for a while. The meeting came on the heels of the band all working together for the first two weeks. Things are moving along and it’s now on the fast track. We had a day where we all got to listen to everyone’s songs and ideas. In the next few weeks we’ll be narrowing down what we’ve got. We can already see things coming into focus – even as new ideas are popping up right and left. Joe survived his knee operation and has obviously done lots of playing during his recuperation.

On a personal note – I went to Disney World this past weekend and took a few spins on the Rockin’ Rollercoaster. I couldn’t stop feeling the irony of the fact that we have a ride and it’s been there so long. Still not quite used to it!

Our guide did a masterful job of moving us around so I could spy on all the people getting ready to go. We went out front and watched everyone in line listening to our music and anticipating the experience. Then we snuck into the area where you see a film of us “in the studio.” It was dark enough so I could actually stand there and watch it. I haven’t looked at that footage for a few years. My hair was a bit on the short side but I was re-satisfied by my choice of the blue satin shirt.

After that we quickly infiltrated the area where the riders actually get into their seats. It was hilarious seeing people nervously try to get ready for the intensity of the ride. It was awesome hearing the screams of the recently launched competing with “Back in the Saddle” screaming out of the sound system. Then it was our turn. I’ve been on the thing many times but not for a while. Just like everyone else my pulse rate leaped. I got the full force of that “uh oh here we go” feeling.

When it first starts you rush to the beginning of a tunnel and stop…and wait for what feels like an eon. Then out of nowhere, just as your head’s about to pop from adrenalin, a massive mechanism flings you down the track like a kid throwing a paper plane. You hit sixty miles an hour in well under four seconds. After that, you’re in the hands of physics as you plunge into 4g loops and wickedly exhilarating corkscrews for two solid minutes. At the end of the ride you wind up, where else?…The gift shop. I was still lightly stunned from our second or third turn as I wandered in. That’s when the recognition factor kicked in. Pens, paper, t-shirts and snapshot cameras came up out of nowhere for a frantic fifteen minute autograph and picture blast. It was almost as scary and fun as the ride!”

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