Aerosmith Wife No Fan Of Band’s Albums


October 11, 2009

Dean Goodman of reports that the wife of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry doesn’t particularly care for the band’s recordings, and has never listened to any of their albums in their entirety.

“I am not a fan of Aerosmith’s music without the live performance behind it,”billie1 Billie Perry (at right with her husband) wrote on her Twitter page on Sunday.

“Honestly I have never listened to 1 CD all the way through. I listen in the studio when they record. I’ve never put an Aero CD on my player. I did order a few songs from iTunes, but have not listened.”

She considers Aerosmith to be one of the greatest live acts in rock ‘n’ roll, but “… without the live show the songs n lyrics don’t move me.”

Perry’s comments come at a sensitive time for the veteran rock band. Aerosmith was forced to cancel a troubled tour two months ago after singer Steven Tyler fell off the stage, and he has not spoken to his bandmates since.

Joe Perry, who is promoting a new solo album that will keep him on the road through March, recently told Reuters he has not written a song with Tyler in 10 years.

But he took to Twitter to defend his wife’s Twitter messages, saying she had told him when they first met that she was not familiar with Aerosmith and did not care about his fame or fortune. “Made me love her all the more,” he said.

“She’s a real true punk when it comes to R&R and makes no bones about it,” he added. “She’s one of the only people I trust to give me knowledgeable truth.”

His wife, a photographer and poet, uses Twitter to update fans on the band’s internal developments, to the occasional chagrin of fans. But her latest comments aren’t likely to win her any awards for dutiful wife of the year. Alas, if Aerosmith cannot get past its current impasse, the albums are the only way she’ll be able to appreciate one of America’s biggest rock bands.

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