Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Schedules Knee Surgery


March 11, 2008

For the past two years, JOE PERRY has put off much-needed knee surgery so that he could fulfill AEROSMITH’s live commitments and perform for fans. During this time, the condition of his knee worsened and the pain became chronic.

Last weekend (February 29-March 1), his knee finally gave out on him after completing two shows with TAB the Band (which features his two sons, Adrian Perry and Tony Perry). JOE was subsequently seen by his orthopedic surgeon, who has scheduled JOE for surgery Tuesday, March 18.

Because of the necessary recovery time, JOE has had to cancel an upcoming solo show (April 5, Niagara Falls, New York). He wants to apologize to fans who’ve been inconvenienced and thanks them for their longtime support.

If there’s one thing JOE PERRY doesn’t like, it’s missing a show.

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