Aerosmith’s Joe Perry To Work On Solo CD


April 25, 2009

Joe Perry was recently interviewed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio 4-4-09 by Backstage Axxess’ Gus Griesinger.

During our coverage of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony in Cleveland, we were lucky enough to be able to talk with Legendary Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and his lovely wife Billie Perry. The first one on one interview for the site and I couldn’t pick another musician who I rather initiate the site with. We didn’t have a long chat due to the amount of press that were also vying for Joe’s time but he did stick around as long as he could. Some of the topics may not be covering any new ground but were fresh topics at the time (touring with ZZ Top has since been announced). None the less, here is the excerpt:

Gus: How does it feel to be one of the first groups to bridge the gap between rock and roll and rap?

Joe Perry: Unbelievable! It’s something I wish I would have thought of!

Gus: How’s the new Aerosmith CD coming?

Joe: It’s actually on hold right now. We were hoping to get it done before the tour but that didn’t happen. We will probably continue it when the tour is over. I’m working on a solo CD right now and hoping to get that done before the tour starts.

Gus: Is it true you are touring with ZZ Top?

Joe: Yes.

Gus: This summer?

Joe: Yup.

Gus: When does it start?

Joe: Sometime in June.

Gus: How was it working with Run DMC?

Joe: It was great, it was really good. Rick Rubin is the guy who really put it all together and it was fun!

Gus: What has Run DMC meant to you?

Joe: Well… we had a great moment! That song did a lot more for music than either of us thought it was gonna do. In fact, they weren’t even sure they were going to put it on the record at the time. They were something new and the whole genre was something new. It meant so many things. Not just for our careers but it brought together the rap and rock and black and white and the video that followed it was great. I’m just proud to be part of it. Like I said before, I wish I would have though of it.

Gus: thanks for taking the time and have a great time tonight!

Joe and (Billie) thank you!

Editor’s note: I did get to ask another question after Joe’s performance of “Train Kept a Rollin” with the band Metallica, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Ronnie Wood, Flea and former Metallica bassist Jason Newstead.

Gus: Are you going to your for your solo record?

Joe: Probably after the Aerosmith tour this fall.

We want to thank Joe and his wife for stopping and talking us here at You can go to for more information about their 2009 tour with ZZ Top.

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