Aerosmith’s Naked Shower Romp

Aerosmith’s Naked Shower Romp

July 12, 2010

Music business legend Michael Gudinski has a thousand rock n’ roll stories. But in an interview with Triple M’s Chit Chat — — he recalled one of his faves – the time he brought Aerosmith out to Australia in 1989.

“On the last night of the tour Steve Tyler with a wily grin came up and said ‘Hey boss, I’ll do an extra encore if you can have three naked women in the backstage shower for me when I come off’,” laughed Gudinski.

Of course, being the world’s biggest band has its perks so finding three willing lasses wasn’t difficult. “Yes I did pull it off,” he said. “He did go in the shower and no I didn’t watch through the keyhole!

“He came out with a big smile and he went on and did two extra encores and I’m sure that’s something he won’t forget.”

Back in the Seventies Aerosmith were so big in their homeland they never had to tour overseas like other bands. They could just sit on their bags of money and party like kings.

It wasn’t until they cleaned up and scored a massive hit years later with “Janie’s Got A Gun” that Aussie fans finally got to see them to Australia.

In convincing the Aerosmith boys to come to Oz Gudinski learnt a valuable lesson – and this is one for all you budding rock promoters out there.

“I remember flying to Buffalo to see them. And that’s one of my tricks. You go somewhere in the middle of bulls**t. You don’t turn up in LA [where] you’ve got every film star and agent. They welcomed me with open arms, saying ‘we can’t believe you’ve flown all the way from Australia to see us’.”

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