Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler’s Lawsuit VS. Anonymous Bloggers Fails


May 24, 2009

Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler has had it with anonymous bloggers using his likeness without permission, impersonating him, and making false statements online. So, he did what any celebrity would do under the circumstances, he sued.

There was a slight problem however, Tyler didn’t know who the troublesome bloggers were and he filed a lawsuit against unnamed bloggers.

He really got mad when one group of bloggers began making statements online about his mother who passed away last year, and decided to take action. But Tyler ran into a problem when the anonymous bloggers failed to show up in court and the judge dismissed the case.

The whole anonymous thing proved to be too much to overcome.

There is a growing problem though, with individuals impersonating famous people online. A new crop of impersonators have found a venue on Twitter. Kanye West came out last week blasting his impersonator on Twitter.

Recently tweets have been showing up impersonating former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and he is none too happy about it and has publicly demanded they stop, which of course can have the adverse affect of inciting the pranksters to do it some more.

As soon as Steve Tyler flushes out those anonymous bloggers, he will try again to take them down.

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