AFFÄIRE drop lyric video for new single “Joke’s On You”

AFFÄIRE drop lyric video for new single “Joke’s On You”

Photo courtesy of AFFÄIRE

Portuguese rockers AFFÄIRE consisting of Tawny Rawk on lead vocals, Rick Rivotti on guitars, J.P. Costanza on drums and Jonathan Bogard on bass have unveiled a video for their new single “Joke’s On You.”

AFFÄIREs press release indicates:

“”Joke’s On You” is the second single released by Portuguese Hard-Rockers AFFAIRE in 2023, following last Spring’s “Her Way Or The Highway”. These songs mark the band’s comeback after 2019 album “Less Aint’t More” (Perris Records) and line-up changes. The new singles are part of the band’s yet untitled 3rd album, to be released in 2024 and also show Tawny Rawk (previously bassist) now as lead singer. This Summer, AFFÄIRE also presented Jonathan Bogard as the new bassist. “Joke’s On You” shows the band’s Melodic Hard Rock vein, also featuring a guest appearance of the american actor Matthew Jones. The song is available at all streaming platforms. AFFÄIRE also put out a lyric-video for this song, a totally DIY work, shot at the band’s rehearsal studio and edited by Tawny Rawk himself.”

AFFÄIRE‘s “Joke’s On You” lyric video: