AFFÄIRE release video for track “Nasty But True”

AFFÄIRE release video for track “Nasty But True”

Portuguese sleaze rockers AFFÄIRE have unleashed a video for their track “Nasty But True” from their latest studio album Less Ain’t More, which was released via Perris Records back on April 19, 2019.

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in April 2019, drummer J.P. Costanza was asked how the group came up with its album title Less Ain’t More to which he stated:

“Well, I’m sick of the saying “Less is more” about this and that. We are all addicted to ’70s and ’80s hard rock and heavy metal. Part of the ’90s grunge and alternative takeover was based on this premise, which sometimes is only an excuse for lack of talent and laziness. The showmanship, musicianship, even the swagger, the rebellious attitude and — why not — the fun side are part of rock and roll even if the industry tried to tell us otherwise. On what depends on us, we won’t take that bullshit, so the album title is obviously a statement against those lame guidelines and political correctness that resulted in the boredom and lack of authenticity of today’s trends in rock and pop music.”

In terms of how the band name AFFÄIRE came about, Costanza indicated: “When I started looking for people to form this new band — and I knew this would be my priority in a near future — I was still playing in this metal band for years that was starting to fade away. Although it may sound stupid, at first, it felt like I was married for years and starting to engage in a double relationship situation [laughs]. I’ve got a thing for double meanings and the sexual side of the word makes it more interesting. On the other hand, I wanted a name that could be common to many languages. I think the word is of French origin, hence the “e” at the end.”

You can purchase AFFÄIRE‘s album Less Ain’t More directly from Perris Records.

AFFÄIRE‘s “Nasty But True” video:

AFFÄIRE – Nasty But True (Official Video)

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