Affaire Unleash “Highway Affair” Music Video

Affaire Unleash “Highway Affair” Music Video

March 25, 2013

Portuguese rockers Affaire have released their first ever music video for their newest single “Highway Affair”.

After years of stage and studio hard work building a proudly ruined reputation — gathered with renowned acts within the Portuguese scene like Dawnrider, Divine Lust and Attick Demons — drummer J.P. ‘WildHearted’ Costanza, guitarist Rick Rivotti and bassist Tony ‘Rattlesnake’ Misfortune eventually clashed with each others and decided to team-up. Under the Affaire moniker they’re fulfilling an urge remaining since their teenage days, coming up with the band that Portugal owes to the world since the ’80s.

By late 2011, Affaire’s debut single “Born Too Late” was released in 7″ vinyl format, limited to 300 hand numbered copies. Short after that, Filipe ‘Rooster’ Cascata was announced as Affaire’s lead singer.

Affaire are four restless characters driven from ’70s punk rock street decadence, fuelled by NWOBHM rush, finally crashing with the Sunset Strip glamour and sleaziness. Affaire was born too late and proudly raises their middle-fingers to the music trends, and to whatever the next-big-thing is. For more information on the band visit

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