Airbourne’s Ryan O’Keeffe states last ten years the worst ever for the music industry

Airbourne’s Ryan O’Keeffe states last ten years the worst ever for the music industry

In an interview with Hot Metal, Airbourne drummer Ryan O’Keeffe opined on the state of the music industry in the last ten years when he stated: “Well, the thing is, the last ten years, pretty much the crux of our career, was the worst the music industry’s ever been since music’s been invented. That being said, we’re on the back end of that. We’ve seen an absolute big change out here where money is coming back in through streaming services and all that sort of stuff. It’s literally easier to listen to a song on Spotify than to download it to your computer, upload it, all that sort of stuff and people want what’s easy. So, we’re on the back end of one of the worst periods in music but I’m still glad we went through it because you learn a lot and there’s definitely a revival. There’s been a few in Canada where we are now and a lot of bands in Europe, so it’s all happening.”

O’Keeffe also noted that Airbourne actually date back 19 years despite that he is only 30 years old when he stated: “Oh, yeah. I started the band when I was 11 – that’s actually going back nineteen years, and just doing the do, playing rock and roll, doing what we’ve been doing ever since we were – I think my first gig was when I was thirteen.”

You can read the rest of the interview at Hot Metal.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Airbourne‘s fourth full-length album Breakin’ Outta Hell: “Airbourne will not win any points for originality on Breakin’ Outta Hell. The Aussie rockers stay well within their comfort zone but who really cares? When your “safe zone” produces simply amazing stuff, why venture into unknown territory, experiment and possibly ruin it for your fan base? Some will therefore say that Airbourne played it safe on Breakin’ Outta Hell. I say that Airbourne delivered exactly what Airbourne fans (I am going to put myself in the place of all Airbourne fans here) wanted, which is no easy feat. It’s difficult to write good to great songs over and over again — just ask any songwriter. There’s no need to say that Airbourne‘s fourth album Breakin’ Outta Hell will find itself nestled in Sleaze Roxx‘s Top Ten Albums year-end list. The only question that remains is where exactly on Sleaze Roxx‘s Top Ten Albums of 2016 that Breakin’ Outta Hell will place.”

Airbourne‘s “Rivalry” video (explicit version):

Airbourne – Rivalry [Explicit version]

Music video by Airbourne performing Rivalry. (C) 2016 Thunderpoint Pty Ltd., under exclusive license to Spinefarm Records