Airbourne’s unreleased track “Money” from upcoming ‘Diamond Cuts’ available for streaming

Airbourne’s unreleased track “Money” from upcoming ‘Diamond Cuts’ available for streaming

Aussie rockers Airbourne have released one of their two unreleased tracks for streaming from their upcoming box set Diamonds Cuts, which will be released on September 29, 2017. The unreleased track “Money” is available for streaming below.

Blabbermouth reported as follows about Airbourne‘s song “Money”: “‘Money’ was found covered in piles of dust and reel to reel tape,” said AIRBOURNE. “It was part of the recording sessions for ‘No Guts. No Glory.‘, and, for some reason, it just didn’t make the album, but hearing it again today we’re pumped to get it out there.”

Airbourne‘s last studio album Breakin’ Outta Hell finished at #3 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2016 to which Sleaze Roxx stated: “One of the most consistent, if not the most consistent, band emanating in the last ten years is Airbourne. Content not to reinvent the wheel, Airbourne have stuck time and time again to their faster brand of simple three chord AC/DC rock with great success. The same ingredients that catapulted Airbourne to #1 on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2007 with their debut album Runnin’ Wild are the same things that have gotten their fourth studio album Breakin’ Outta Hell at #3 for this year’s list. A model of consistency, Airbourne are the only band in Sleaze Roxx‘s history to chart all four of their first albums onto Sleaze Roxx‘s year end best of list. With a mantra of “no ballads, no bullshit”, Airbourne have simply delivered another great album that deserves to be played cranked up to the max. Is Breakin’ Outta Hell Airbourne‘s best album ever? The funny thing is that it’s probably not but the lack of really great albums in 2016 ensures that Breakin’ Outta Hell is strong enough to finish in Sleaze Roxx‘s top three albums of 2016.”

Airbourne‘s “Money” song:

Airbourne – Money [Audio]

“Money” is the hard rockin’ new single from the Aussie lads latest album – “Diamond Cuts – The B-Sides’.Save ‘Money’ on Spotify…