Alcatrazz unleash video for new single “Bring On The Rawk”

Alcatrazz unleash video for new single “Bring On The Rawk”

Alcatrazz consisting of keyboardist Jimmy Waldo, bassist Gary Shea, lead vocalist Doogie White, guitarist Joe Stump and drummer Larry Paterson have unveiled a video for their new single “Bring On The Rawk” from their upcoming studio album Take No Prisoners, which will be released tomorrow (on May 19, 2023).

Track List for Take No Prisoners:
01. Little Viper
02. Don’t Get Mad…Get Even (feat. Girlschool)
03. Battlelines
04. Strangers
05. Gates of Destiny
06. Alcatrazz
07. Holly Roller (Love’s Temple)
08. Power In Numbers
09. Salute in Colours
10. Bring On The Rawk

The YouTube caption for the video indicates: “Alcatrazz are determined to make up for lost time, roaring forwards at warp factor 10 to deliver Take No Prisoners, their sixth studio album and the third in three years. Comprising of ten cracking, charismatic tracks, with each containing the unique fusion of classic American rock with the full grain hard-rocking attitude of British metal, Take No Prisoners sees Alcatrazz energetically soaring and exploring melodic progression with road-warrior riffs. ‘Little Viper’ rides a scything guitar into a thunderous, Dio-like assault, whilst the band also show their calmer, more expansive side with the epic ‘Strangers’, but when an album finishes at the burn point of ‘Bring On The Rawk’, there can be no question that Alcatrazz’s collective boot is repeatedly kicking serious ass!!!

Comprised of Doogie White (vocals), Joe Stump (guitars), Jimmy Waldo (keyboards), Gary Shea (bass) and Larry Paterson (drums), and with Giles Lavery and Waldo producing, Take No Prisoners is a loudly, and proudly classic rock album which draws on the Alcatrazz traditions of technically excellent screaming guitars, thunderous rhythm and the sort of vocals and overall aura that evoke prime Dio and Rainbow. And, of course, a primed and fully-tuned up Alcatrazz, whose career is fast taking on Benjamin Button proportions. The Take No Prisoners tour should be a lot of fun!

Take No Prisoners will be released on CD Digipak, 12” Black Vinyl, Digital Download, Streaming and special D2C bundles. Available to pre-order from February 3rd, 2023 here:

Alcatrazz‘s “Bring On The Rawk” video: