Aldo Nova Added To Sweden Rock Festival


December 2, 2009

Aldo Nova Added To Sweden Rock FestivalCanadian AOR-hero Aldo Nova is best known internationally for the hit single “Fantasy”, that propelled his debut “Aldo Nova” (1982) to double platinum status in the US. “Monkey on Your Back” off “Subject” (1983) was a decent hit as well, but Aldo Nova retired as a solo artist after his third album “Twitch” (1985) sold alot less than the previous two except in – Sweden! He has since gained greater recognition as a professional composer, creating massive hits for artists like Celine Dion and Clay Aiken. Over the years, he has also released a few more solo albums, for instance the superb, guitar-oriented “Blood on the Bricks” (1991) where he wrote most of the songs together with Jon Bon Jovi. Apart from being a fantastic song writer he is also known for being a marvelous guitar player. His new album “Too Much Sex”, due for release in early 2010, finally brings him to Sweden and Sweden Rock Festival!

Sweden Rock Festival is held in Solvesborg in southern Sweden on June 9-12 2010.Tickets are on sale on our homepage:

Out of a total of around 60 bands on the main stages, the following have been announced so far:

Bachman & Turner (Can)
Rick Springfield (Aus/Us)
Sabaton (S)
D-A-D (DK)
Saga (Can)
Aldo Nova (Can)
Unisonic (D)
Bigelf (US)
Anvil (Can)
Mother’s Finest (US)
Jorn (N)

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