Alice Cooper Bassist’s Beasto Blanco Album Available For Pre-Order

Alice Cooper Bassist’s Beasto Blanco Album Available For Pre-Order

September 24, 2013

With influences ranging from White Zombie to Motorhead, Beasto Blanco’s ‘Live Fast Die Loud’ is a full-length anthemic hard rock offering that keeps you amped on “10” from start to finish.

The progeny of long time Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric, ‘Live Fast Die Loud’ yields a powerful combination of heavy riffs, driving bass, and melodic choruses that are bound to stick in your head after just one listen. Beasto Blanco is quickly becoming a favorite of the music and movie industry’s most respected talents.

‘Live Fast Die Loud’ features Chuck Garric, Calico Cooper, Glen Sobel, Jonathan Mover, Tiffany Lowe, Chris Latham and more. An official release date is scheduled for October 29, 2013 and you can pre-order your copy today at

Here is what just a few of them have to say about ‘Live Fast Die Loud’:

Johnny Depp: “What an honor to hear something as beastly and killer as this!!! It’s truly, truly great and wonderfully kind of life affirming! Makes one feel ownership of their being!”

Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden): “Chuck has got himself a ‘KIN’ blazing band here. ‘Live Fast Die Loud’ from Beasto Blanco is a solid piece and rockin’ like there is no tomorrow! Well done me old china!”

Alice Cooper: “Beasto Blanco to me is an East L.A ‘Day Of The Dead’ kind of hard rock band. They seem dangerous — don’t stand too close, this is a band that I see exploding in the next few years. The ‘Live Fast Die Loud’ video shows my grown daughter Calico crawling around like some sort of animal, which is of course, just how I remember her as a child!”

Bob Ezrin (Producer): “Chuck Garric is modern day monster, one of the most talented and heaviest rock musicians I’ve ever worked with!”

Mikkey Dee (Motorhead): “‘Live Fast Die Loud’ is a real ass-kicker and I wouldn’t expect anything less when Chuck is at the forefront, keep slammin!”

John Corabi: “I totally love ‘Live Fast Die Loud’! This is the real deal, it’s 100% raw energy from start to finish!”

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