Alice Cooper Blasts Politician-Supporting Stars


July 23, 2008

Rocker Alice Cooper has blasted celebrities who publicly support politicians – for getting involved in subjects above their head.

The star is sick of musicians and actors commenting on current affairs, and doesn’t understand why their opinions are taken seriously. Cooper has hit out at the combination of music and politics before; in 2004 he slammed celebrities for endorsing presidential hopeful John Kerry – branding them “treasonous morons”. And the heavy rocker hasn’t tamed his views.

He says, “I never understood rock ‘n’ roll’s connection with politics. And I’ve got to be honest with you, rock ‘n’ rollers can take themselves so damn seriously – all that, “What I wrote will change the world’. We can’t keep giving them this credibility, as if they know more than anybody else. We don’t. That’s why we’re rock ‘n’ rollers.” And Cooper believes star supporters can even hurt an important campaign – as fans might vote for a politician purely because of the celebrity connection.

He adds, “If a famous star decides that he’s going to back a certain politician, all of a sudden the people that really don’t know anything about politics, but really like his movies, they go, ‘Well, I’ll vote for him because the star knows about these things.’ He doesn’t.”

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