Alice Cooper Brings ‘A’ Game To Bob Hope Classic


January 21, 2009

School was out for Alice Cooper on Tuesday at the interview room for the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. Cooper, the former rock star turned five-handicap golf addict, brought his A game.

On tournament host Arnold Palmer: “He’s everybody’s uncle. He’s that uncle that would hand you five dollars and say don’t tell your mom.”

On athletes and musicians: “I’ve never met a baseball player that didn’t want to be in a band. And I never met a guy in a band that didn’t want to either play center or be an outfielder. I think I could actually play for the Lions this year if I really wanted to. I’m from Detroit, I’m allowed to say that. “

On growing up in Detroit: “When I was a kid we really only had three sports in Detroit, we had baseball, football, and grand theft auto. So the guys who played golf, we go, golf? Is that a game? “

His dream foursome: “It would be Hope and Crosby, Martin and Lewis. I would caddie for those four… I would carry all four bags just to walk 18 with those guys.”

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