Alice Cooper explains infamous reports of Johnny Depp spending $30,000 per month on wine

Alice Cooper explains infamous reports of Johnny Depp spending $30,000 per month on wine

Shock rocker and Hollywood Vampires frontman Alice Cooper was recently interviewed by the Arizona Republic and he spoke about the Hollywood Vampiresupcoming second studio album Rise (which will be released on June 21st) and his bandmate / guitarist Johnny Depp.

Depp wrote a lot of the songs on Hollywood Vampires‘ second studio album and Cooper stated: “I think there’s a lot of pent-up frustration in Johnny in the fact that there were so many things that were written about him that were untrue in the last year… I mean, so many things. I’m sitting there reading a newspaper. Sitting right across from him in Moscow, and I say, ‘It says here you weigh 110 pounds.’ He weighs like … I’ve never seen him look so good. He’s got abs. I mean, the guy’s in really great shape. ‘It says here that you’re depressed.'”

“He’s playing guitar and laughing, writing songs… And every single thing I read about him was absolutely the opposite of what was going on.”

In terms of the infamous reports of Depp spending $30,000 a month on wine, Cooper noted: “He goes, ‘Yeah. I don’t drink it’… Wine is a great investment. You put it in your wine cellar and you let it get older. He says, ‘Yeah, I spent $30,000 on wine. I’m not gonna drink that wine. That wine’s really expensive.'”

Cooper continued while laughing: “But that’s what it sounds like. ‘He spends $30,000 a month on wine. Oh, he must be drunk all the time.’ He wouldn’t be on stage with me if he was drunk all the time. I can tell you that. Because I wouldn’t be in a band with him. So this album, I think, is full of a lot of anger in his lyrics. And me singing them. He sings some of the stuff, but I sing most of it. I’m going ‘What did you mean by this?’” He goes, ‘Just sing it.’”

You can read the rest of the article / interview with Alice Cooper by Arizona Republic at AZ Central‘s website.