Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie releases lyric video for track “Look Me In The Eye”

Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie releases lyric video for track “Look Me In The Eye”

Alice Cooper‘s long-time guitarist Ryan Roxie has released another lyric video in support of his new solo album Imagine Your Reality, which was released via Cargo Records UK back on May 25, 2018.

Track List for Imagine Your Reality:
01. Big Rock Show
02. Over And Done
03. California Man
04. To Live And Die In LA
05. Uh Oh Song
06. Me Generation
07. Look Me In The Eye
08. Hearts In Trouble
09. Nevermind Me
10. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Back in May 2018, Roxie was interviewed by HRH Mag and spoke about whether he felt like a “hired gun” working for Alice Cooper. Roxie replied: “I have never felt like a hired gun or a sideman, mainly because Alice has a family approach to the band. In fact we do have his actual family on the road! For many years his daughter was in the show and for the last five years his wife has been in the show. It’s a family-themed touring lifestyle, and it’s a special thing. I become a band member through experience and time but I do work for Alice Cooper. It’s his name on the marquee and the band all respect that. We know our roles and we play them very well. It was an exciting step for me to co-write with Alice as I grew up listening to the classic songs he had written. The first time we ever wrote a song together it didn’t feel strange like I imagined it might. I thought perhaps I would psyche myself out wondering if it was good enough but it felt really natural. And a few days later we wrote another song for the Eyes Of Alice Cooper album.”

In terms of how he ended up joining Alice Cooper, Roxie advised: “I remember it very clearly. Alice was there at the audition which I thought was very commendable. I have auditioned for other bands before where the lead singer has not turned up and they film you which is quite an odd feeling. If you are going to decide about being on tour with someone for the next year it’s probably best to meet them! Alice was putting a new touring band together in 1996. I was promised a one-year contract. He wanted to try going back out on the road and he’s been touring ever since! Eric Singer was there and Bob Daisley – so I was thrown into a situation with a very high level of musicianship. There is a way of turning nervous energy into inspirational energy and it gave me adrenaline. It was at a famous rehearsal studio called Mates and that place had always been good luck for me. I imagined doing it before I went in and I did it!”

Ryan Roxie‘s “Look Me In The Eye” lyric video:

Ryan Roxie – Look Me In The Eye (Official Lyric Video)

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